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List Description
2cams-list Corpus Christi American Meteorological Society
Academicadvising-list Listserv for Academic Advisors
aed-list TAMUCC chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta
Agdkappagamma Alpha Gamma Delta - Kappa Gamma
All-vendors [no description available]
Alleeocategories [no description available]
AlohaDays Aloha Days Freshman Camp
Art-Alumni A private list for Art Department Alumni
Astra-Announce Announcements regarding Astra Schedule
ATeam-list University College Admin Team
Atsc-list Atmospheric Science Program Listserv.
Biobehavioral_health [no description available]
Cbbic.clients Keeps current clients informed of what's going on around the Innovation Center
Cbbic.residents Keeps current resident clients informed of what’s going on around the Innovation Center. Members will be primarily informed about building information.
Cbbic.students Keeps student workers informed of what’s going on around the Innovation Center.
CBI-Field Conrad Blucher Institute Field Communications
cbi-info Public list for obtaining information from CBI
CBI-Internal Conrad Blucher Institute Group Messages
CBI-IT Conrad Blucher Institute - IT List
Cbrtxstreamteam-list Coastal Bend Regional Texas Stream Team
cbsciencefair Coastal Bend Regional Science Fair
Cbwp Coastal Bend Writing Project Turtles
Chem-adjunct-list Chemistry Adjunct listserve
Chem-faculty-list Chemistry Faculty List Serve
Chem-staff-list Chemistry staff listserve
Chem-ta-list Chem TA list includes adjuncts teaching labs
Chemistry CHEM LABS
CLSESurveys [no description available]
Cmgl-list Coastal and Marine Geospatial Lab Staff and Students
cmss-list The CMSS list allows students, faculty and staff to communicate and discuss CMSS items
Coast-list Internal staff in the Center for Orientation, Advising & Students in Transition (COAST)
CONHS College of Nursing and Health Sciences - Faculty and Staff
Conhs-accelerated-bsn-2020 [no description available]
CONHS-Accelerated_BSN [no description available]
CONHS-Adjunct-Faculty [no description available]
Conhs-all-students [no description available]
Conhs-course-managers [no description available]
CONHS-Faculty College of Nursing and Health Sciences Faculty
Conhs-Staff [no description available]
CONHS-Students [no description available]
Conhs_APAS [no description available]
CONHS_Pre-Admission [no description available]
Cosc Computer Science Faculty and Staff
Cosc-faculty Computer Science Faculty
cosc-grad-students-list Computer Science Graduate Student Listserve
cosc-grad-studies-list [no description available]
Cosc-staff Computer Science Staff
CPIRA-Council CPIRA_Council Members
CPIRA-EC CPIRA_Executive Committee
Csci Computing Sciences Faculty and Staff
Csci-faculty Computing Sciences Faculty
Csci-staff Computing Sciences Staff
csclub TAMUCC Computer Science Club listserv
csgrads [no description available]
Dugs-list Department of Undergraduate Studies (PAP Faculty and Full-Time Staff )
Elacollegeprep [no description available]
eLine_Military_Students [no description available]
eLine_students [no description available]
Encs School of Engineering and Computing Sciences Faculty and Staff
Encs-faculty School of Engineering and Computing Sciences Faculty
Encs-staff School of Engineering and Computing Sciences Staff
Engr Engineering Faculty and Staff
Engr-faculty Engineering Faculty
Engr-staff Engineering Staff
Engr-students [no description available]
escifac-list ESCI faculty listserv
escistu-list ESCI Student Listserv
Facultysenate Faculty Senate
Facultysenate-cob-list [no description available]
Facultysenate-dugs-list [no description available]
Facultysenate-edu-list [no description available]
Facultysenate-lib-list [no description available]
Facultysenate-nur-list [no description available]
Facultysenate-sne-list [no description available]
Fall2020prelicensurecohort [no description available]
Family_health [no description available]
FYP First-Year Learning Community Program (FYLCP) @ TAMUCC & Friends of FYLCP
FYSI-list First-Year Seminar Instructors
fywp-list First-Year Writing Program List
Garciacenteradvisory-list [no description available]
Garciacenterafterschool-list [no description available]
Garciacentercounseling-list [no description available]
GarciaCenterTutors-list [no description available]
geoclub TAMUCC Geology Club listserv
geolstu-list GEOL student announcements
Geomicrobiology-list Reese Geomicrobiology Lab
Gisc Geographic Information Science Faculty and Staff
Gisc-faculty Geographic Information Science Faculty
Gisc-staff Geographic Information Science Staff
gisso-list GISSO Email List
GradFaculty Graduate Faculty Listserv
gradmath-list math graduate mailing list
Grants Grants Listserv
Greekpresidents [no description available]
Griidc-dev [no description available]
Gscs-faculty [no description available]
Gscs-student [no description available]
gsen-list Geospatial Surveying Engineering Masters List-Serv
HLSC-student Health Science Students Mailing List
Honorsassn Honors Prorgam Official Communications
HPC High Performance Computing Discussions
HRI Harte Research Institute - Internal
hri-biweekly HRI Bi-Weekly Payroll
Hrinews HRI News
Hriresearchers Harte Research Institute Researchers Mailing List
Hristaff-list Harte Research Institute Staff Mailing List
Hristudents Harte Research Institute Student Mailing List
I-cat The group caring for the TAMUCC cat colonies. Spay and neuter and feeding.
IFC Communication channel for the governing council of member social fraternities at TAMU-CC
International_students [no description available]
Islandharbor-list Island Harbor
ISOWG Texas A&M Information Security Officer Working Group
IT-notifications TAMUCC Campus IT Notifications
LC-Lecture-Faculty FYLCP Faculty
LCC-list [no description available]
Lowernuecesriverwatershed [no description available]
Lsci-faculty LSCI Faculty
MANTIS-list [no description available]
Marb-committee-list [no description available]
Mebythesea [no description available]
Mgc [no description available]
Micro-omics-list [no description available]
ModuleMath-list [no description available]
Msgso [no description available]
NRC-Tenant [no description available]
nrctenants-list NRC Tenants Listserv
Nurs-dnp-islander-list Mailing List for DNP Nursing Students
NURS-Grad-Islander Nursing Graduate Students - Islander Email
NURS-student Mailing List for Nursing Students
opportunities-list Student scholarship and internship opportunities
OSRA-list Office of Sponsored Research Administration
Panhellenic Communication channel for the governing council of member social sororities at TAMU-CC
Parents_spring_2020 [no description available]
ParentsCouncil Parents' Council Member Notices & Information
Parentscouncilforum [no description available]
pds-list communication for pre-dental students
Pedhosplib Driscoll Children's Hospital Library Mailing List
pens-list Email List for the Physical & Environmental Sciences (PENS) Department
phdfac-list CMSS PhD faculty listserv
pi-list Pixel Island mailing list
Population_health [no description available]
Prehealth-list For Biomedical Sciences and Pre-professional Students
ResearchNews Research News from the Council of Principal Investigators and Research Administrators (CPIRA)
Ri-leadershipteam [no description available]
Rotaract Rotaract
Sastudents Student Activities Student Employees
Scieng-staff College of Science and Engineering Staff
SciTech-GradStudents For Science & Engineering Graduate Students
scitech-list College of Science and Engineering listserv for Faculty & Staff
Sigma-active [no description available]
Sigma-Inducted [no description available]
Sigma-local [no description available]
Socialmedia TAMU-CC Social Media
Spatialquerylab Email list for Spatial {Query} Lab at CBI
Svc [no description available]
Systems Systems Administration Test List
Tamucc-afs-list [no description available]
Tamuccdesign [no description available]
Tamudisabilityservicesdiscussiongroup [no description available]
TAMUS-CATIE [no description available]
Tamus-interlibraryloan [no description available]
tamus-prosci-ocm TAMUS Organizational Change Management Community of Practice
Tamus-researchandinstruction [no description available]
Tamus-scholarlycommunication [no description available]
Tamus-specialcollectionsandarchives [no description available]
Tesol_cert [no description available]
Tidal-hall [no description available]
tmmsn-cc Tx Marine Mammal Stranding Network-Corpus Christi
Triad-a-list TRIAD A - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-ap-list TRIAD AP - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-b-list TRIAD B - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-c-list TRIAD C - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-cs-list TRIAD CS - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-d-list TRIAD D - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-e-list TRIAD E - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-ed-list TRIAD ED - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-ee-list TRIAD EE - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-en-list TRIAD EN - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-es-list [no description available]
Triad-f-list TRIAD F - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-fc-list [no description available]
Triad-free-list Freestanding UCCP Instructors (Spring 2018)
Triad-g-list TRIAD G - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-h-list TRIAD H - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-i-list TRIAD I - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-j-list TRIAD J - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-k-list TRIAD K - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-l-list TRIAD L - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-m-list TRIAD M - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-mu-list TRIAD MU - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-n-list TRIAD N - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-o-list TRIAD O - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-p-list TRIAD P - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-ph-list [no description available]
Triad-q-list TRIAD Q - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-s-list TRIAD S - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-t-list TRIAD T - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-u-list TRIAD U - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-us-list [no description available]
Triad-v-list TRIAD V - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-w-list TRIAD W - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-x-list TRIAD X - Learning Community Instructor Team
Triad-z-list TRIAD Z - Learning Community Instructor Team
Ucoll-list University College - All Faculty & Staff
Ucoll.studentemployees-list University College - Student Employees
UCSAft University Center & Student Activities Full-Time Staff
Ucstudents-list University Center Student Employees
ugradmath-list math undergrad mailing list
UniversityGalleries [no description available]
Vets-to-Nursing [no description available]
Vipadmin [no description available]
VPRandI Division of Research and Innovation
Web-council University Web Council

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